God Bless Q-America

Lori Ann Lothian
9 min readNov 7, 2020

A shocking case study in how fanaticism has turned a country against itself.

In an Atlantic magazine post mortem by Annie Lowry, five common sense reasons are outlined for Why the Election wasn’t a Biden Landslide. She rounds things out with this true but not complete observation:

“Political polarization is altering how voters perceive the economy. Throughout Trump’s tenure…His approval and disapproval ratings were freakishly steady. Even a colossal recession and a pandemic could not change that. Democrats see the world through blue-colored glasses and Republicans see through red-colored ones, and that means real-life economic conditions might have less of an effect on elections than they did in the past.”

What she missed in her list of five sane reasons (economic, geographic, racial etc) was the lens of fanaticism. America has germinated a new cult-religion called Q-Anon, tightly aligned to a belief in Trump as Saviour, Q as prophet, and it is a belief system filled with malignant paranoia and race phobic sentiments.

The Q Dogma: There exists (and has for millennia) a cabal of Satan worshipping pedophiles who sexually abuse, traffic, torture and murder children for adrenochrome, a chemical off-shoot of adrenalin which gives them a DMT like high and everlasting life (well, not exactly, but a youth serum). Ironically adrenochrome is available as a synthetic medical compound and does not remotely require child murder for its supply chain). Donald Trump is the lightworker chosen one, who will arrest the deep state and democratic darkies who run this cabal.

If you think that by Trump losing the election, crazy-Q-ism goes away, think again. Donald Trump will not go gently into any good night, and with Q-Anon fanatics behind him, it might very well play out like the four years after Andrew Jackson lost the contested presidential election of 1824.

“With former Vice President Joe Biden the all-but-certain president-elect, the 2020s appear to be shaping up in a way that very much resembles the populist Age of Jackson two centuries ago. If the decade does play out this way, Trump will spend the next four years, starting now, bitterly asserting he was robbed. Backed by his ultra-fervent army of still-loyal supporters, he will spoil for a vengeance election in 2024. And in this show of grievance, much in keeping with the governing and campaign style of the last four years, Trump would be out of power, but Trumpism would not be.” From Trump In Exile Could Still Pose a Dangerous Threat to Democracy by Steve Levine.

But the real problem is that Trumpism is emeshed with Q-anon in the same way that toxic mold becomes an inextricable part of whatever it grows on. Trump can lose the presidency, but he will not lose the true believers who are certain he is a Messiah here to save us all from the forces of evil.

Last night, as I drifted off to sleep at peace that Biden seems certain to become president elect, my phone buzzed away with messages from a radicalized Q-Anon believer in what seemed to be an attempt at conversion. This is what happened next and why I am so sure that fanaticism is the real threat to democracy, not Trump.

This Q-anon believer been commenting about my recent blog article, The Othering of America, and had taken to private messaging me after her public comments were met by resistance by me and others.

Along with sending several conspiracy videos, all of which, short of suffering brain damage to the cerebral cortex, were unconvincing, she had a litany of Q-dogma to urgently tell me. Here it is in the order they buzzed into my phone — and I present them as a “study” in tenants of a new cult of fanaticism, a cult that again, is not about to dissolve in America even if Trump loses the election. (For the record, this is an educated retired school teacher, who I have watched become radicalized online over the last five months. Unfortunately she is not the exception but the rule of the thinking patterns of cult-Q followers).

Warning: This unedited discussion thread will go down some incredulous rabbit holes with assertions that might disturb you. Not because the assertions are convincing, but because they are so incredibly insane that you will wonder if the world is indeed going to hell in a Q-Anon cray-cray basket.

“I don’t get my info from mainstream media or google Wikipedia. We are losing our rights and freedoms. We are being censored by Silicon Valley billionaires. Interestingly enough Biden has the support from filthy rich celebrities and Wall Street. Big money and big pharma. I am a “recovered “ socialist. The Biden’s are criminals.”

TAKEAWAY: Alternative media becomes the one-stop misinformation rabbit hole for the Q-cult because apparently MSM has been compromised by Silicon Valley and the deep state. Algorithmic echo chambers are dangerous, as revealed in the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma.

“Trump is bold brash and brazen. He has to be. Look at the way mainstream media treats him. All major stations are complicit. CNN is a farce while FOX is controlled opposition. The swamp is deep.”

TAKEAWAY: That Donald Trump pathologically lies, is dangerously demagogic, rambles incoherently, demonstrates the traits of a malignant narcissist are all invisible to the true believers. The Emperor has no clothes, but Q folk are blinded by belief.

“The biggest secret is child trafficking and pedophilia. I am 100% certain of this. I work with the Holy Spirit I am also very intuitive.Trump. is far from perfect but he’s not a child murderer BTW he’s had over 20 assassination attempts.”

TAKEAWAY: Commonly, Q-folk justify their belief with the intuition card and many Q women are New Agers. By the way, apparently Trump getting Covid was an assassination attempt, yup, never mind the mask free Rose garden super-spreader event.

In case you are wondering how I am responding to this messaging by now:

“You have gone Q-anon I really can’t have a discussion with you because this is like telling someone that their religious views are fanatical.”

Her unedited response? This fever dream playbook of Q-Anon religion:

“The elite are prepping us for the NWO (as first coined by daddy Bush). We are being conditioned by this bullshit plandemic. There is a virus just like there is one every year. High rate of false positives to create fear. Fear lowers your immune system. China released Covid to trip up Trump. BTW don’t you recall that Obama received the Nobel peace prize right after he was “selected.” Then he engaged the US in 7 wars. John McCain was a traitor who sold arms to ISIS and trained them to fight. The wars were never meant to be won. only sustained. Big money in war plus all children were scooped up and trafficked in pedo rings. Trump has achieved world peace Peace in the Middle East. Soldiers are coming home. He stopped ISIS Under his watch. Huge pedo rings and trafficking rings are being broken. Mexicans sold their children at the border. The wall was built to stop trafficking of humans and drugs. Trump is a warrior! He’s tough He doesn’t even take a salary. He donates it to charities. Obama was treated like Christ himself by mainstream media while Trump has been mercilessly attacked. Hollywood is a den of filth and disgust .The bigger the star the more compromised they are. You don’t make big bucks unless you’re in their club. Satanist child murderers who are addicted to adrenochrome. They torture children to get adrenaline in the blood then kill the child. I’m surprised why you don’t know this.”

TAKEAWAY: There is a distinct thread of breathless paranoia that runs through Q-Anon believers and a need to believe in a world of one target-ready villain and one saviour. Trump as messiah is just plain scary.

I say something like, are you nuts? She says:

“Nope It’s the truth Whatever you believe is a manufactured narrative spun by mainstream media. Good luck. You are not plugged into the truth at all. You refuse to look at cognitive dissonance.”

Speaking of dissonance, I figure this is a good time to mention that the “cleansing storm” in which Trump will initiate sweeps of arrests and imprisonment of the “pedo ring” keeps being promised by Q, but never happens. She replies:

“A was infiltrated by CIA operatives The sting is happening and you will not hear about it in Fox News lol. The corruption is deep very deep. Unbelievers the victims. I am a spiritual warrior and I care about the trafficked children.”

TAKEAWAY: Many Q-anon folk have their hearts in the right place, who wouldn’t want to help children in peril? But the need to be a spiritual warrior under the command of Trump-army is less about the children and more about feeling empowered in some way — maybe because the pandemic has triggered existential powerlessness? The sky IS falling and if ducking doesn’t feel good, then rallying around a battle cry does.

I tell her I still don’t buy it. Yes, pedophile sex rings exist. No, they are not organized by democrats, Hollywood elite and are not the substrate of some blood-drinking organized Satanists that harked back to the Rockefellers.

She replies: “Google Christianne Northrup She wrote Woman’s bodies Woman’s wisdom. Google Robert Kennedy Jr.”

TAKEAWAY: This is where the Q-folk trot out celebrity endorsements. Dr. Northrup being a medical doctor who has gone Q, becomes “proof” that their beliefs are justified. The other is an environmental lawyer who has become a radical anti-vaccine advocate.

The Canaanites offered children to their gods. They drank the blood And learned that a terrorized child had blood with a buzz. They consume the pineal gland. Adrenaline’s blood is the ultimate high. That’s how vampire stories began.”

TAKEAWAY: This historical belief is a part of the othering — the jews are evil and part of the cabal. Jews are vampires, along with Hollywood elite and all democrats. Othering at its best.

My logical reply: “There are easier ways to get a buzz than from drinking blood.”

Her response: “Adrenochrome is highly addictive. More so than heroin. It keeps you youthful. Lori wake up for Gods sakes!!!!! You are blind. Mainstream media and the Dems stoked the flames. Anita and BLM are funded terrorist groups. Look at the Dem cities.”

TAKEAWAY: After “othering” the Jewish people, blacks are next. As for Democrat cities, they are seen by Q-non folk as modern day Sodom and Gomorrah sites.

Okay, and I am saving the best for last:

“Don’t eat at fast food restaurants That’s how they dispose of bodies And if you’re in LA you can dine at the Cannibal Club.”

And yes, for this, I had no possible reply.

This ended with a barrage of end-times advice.

“Buy gold and silver. Stock your pantry. Be prepared for a civil war. Trump will prove the fraud and he will retain presidency. Antics and BLM will go beserk with their vandalizing looting. It will escalate. Stay safe and well. Study lockdowns in New Zealand and Australia .Trudeau is building quarantine concentration camps. Yes people die every year from flus viruses pneumonia’s ESP elderly weak who have weakened immune systems and preexisting conditions. It’s the cycle of life. Fear is the enemy. Truth is the only way to Love. I’m an advanced student of Joe Dispenza. We all create our reality. I seek the truth and am able to witness the info. The observer .Good luck. I am attending the rally against the lockdowns in fill-in-the-blank Canadian city.

And oh, yes, Q-anon has infiltrated Canada. Yes, this woman is a resident of the supposedly saner country north of the border.

This is where the truly cautionary tale comes in: Q-cult is not contained by geography or nationality. This is a cult of xenophobia, that feeds on fear of other, incites paranoia and at the same time, elevates its believers to the status of “in the know.”

It’s the feeling of being special, of having a “truth” that makes senses of a crazy out-of-control world, that makes Q-cult even more addictive than the legendary adrenochrome.

It’s also a cult that has an end-times prophetic flavour, but instead of a book or doom forecasts, like say a bible, it’s more like an interactive video game full of “prophesies, but can be accomplished only with the support of patriots who search for meaning in Q’s clues….One of Q’s favorite rallying cries is “You are the news now.” Another is “Enjoy the show,” a phrase that his disciples regard as a reference to a coming apocalypse.” The Prophecies of Q. by Adrienne LaFrance.

Watch out world. What happened in America is heading your way. Fanatical belief no longer falls under a flag of religion or nationalism. It now has a very big umbrella called Q.

The sky is falling, and that umbrella for Q followers, is the only defence against a world that increasingly feels senseless. A few last words from our retired school teacher, her last comment to me last night:

“I am a free magnificent spirit and refuse to obey the insane edicts of a tyrannical cabal that thrives in control power and greed. Ascension Is what I’m doing. Up and away.”



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