Why Trump Won’t Win

Mad boy king decompensation and the astrological omens of a loser

Lori Ann Lothian
4 min readOct 23, 2020
Donald Trump the High Chair Tyrant

If you’ve been Trump-watching lately in this election end-game, you might have noticed he seems even more reckless, aggressive and vengeful than usual. It’s like a boxer in the ring knowing the opponent has the better moves, but flailing to simply not go down.

At this point, a punch-drunk fighter might pull out the dirty stuff — biting off the opponents an ear, for instance like boxer Mike Tyson did with Evander Holyfield.

But rather than use his pearly whites, Trump is lashing out verbally with his tweets, his vitriolic and hyperbolic rallies, and as we all saw on the first fevered debate stage with Biden, a rabid dog approach.

Yes, he took the debate stage on October 22 with a measure of normalcy, and even his puffy eyes looked calmed (a side effect of the dexamethasone steroid treatment that reduces all body inflammation including brain fog).

But the fact is, he is bigly losing in the court of popularity, trailing Biden badly in national polls, and for a high-chair tyrant, that means a complete mad boy-king meltdown in his mind.

In the astrological world, the reasons for his bully nature show up with a myriad of arrangements, but mainly it’s the the Leo Pluto-Mars duo in his natal first house (whole sign) that lends the air of Mad-King to the tale. Add that his 29 degree ascendant sits right on the star Regulus, or in Latin, Little King, and you know things are going to go south.

This star is known to create a life in which “born to rule” is a part of the narrative, and one reason he rose to power in 2016. But it is also a star that, like all stars of glory, embeds within it the cautionary tale of a fall from power.

The primary celestial agents of this pending ‘Fall of Trump’?

A slippery natal Venus in his 12th house of hidden enemies is also Lord of his age of 74, for one. Add to this not-so-nice Venus, that solar arc progressed Uranus sits RIGHT ON HIS ASCENDANT, right now.

In English?

A sudden fall from power, a shocking Tower of the Tarot downfall, that just might be caused by a woman. Is this woman Kamala Harris, who manages to get the vote out in droves for people of colour and women of sane mind?

Or does Melania, still sick with Covid three weeks later, become a tell all turn coat? (This still might happen after the election). And with Venus a goddess of money, any last minute news about say, financial leverage from China or Russia on the choices Trump makes (yes, blackmail by those nations) could take the president down fast — even his base might not take kindly to finding out that their fearless leader is a puppet of a foreign nation.

If you are curious about the detailed astrological omens to the mad boy-kings downfall, you can watch my latest You Tube video here. It’s about 20 minutes long, and gives the most simple reasons why Donald Trump might be at last declared the loser he so fears becoming.

In the meantime, as downfall day approaches, expect the unexpected from or about Donald Trump. The solar arc Uranian god of shock and awe, of radical irreversible shift, sitting right on the 29th degree of Leo — the tropical horizon line of Trump’s birth — cannot bode well for things progressing in a linear and status-quo honouring way.

For one, election results will be contested by Trump, peaceful transfer of power might be out of control or disrupted, and there is even a slight chance of a health calamity or injury that could befall Trump before or even after the election itself.

I, for one, am betting on that Venus-Saturn in his whole sign cancer 12th house being the Joe (Saturn) and Kamala (Venus) duo that takes him down.
As a Canadian watching from the sidelines, but a Canadian with two grown children born in the USA, I am praying that a civil war does not ultimately erupt in the powder keg division between extreme right and left factions. What is really happening here, is conservative rural vs progressive urban, and for that reason alone the US political future will not be fixed by one election.

PS: Stay tuned for my next article, where I will share how the rare planetary alignments of 1860, the start of the US civil war and the election of Lincoln, are happening all over again.

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